When it comes to talking in front of people especially in English, which is not my mother tongue, I literally crap my pants. But this one is compulsory and there is no escape from it. I finally had to surrender my fear. I am not very good at making presentation. But the subject I selected was very important and needed immediate attention. I planned to do my presentation first and get it over with but when I reached there people were already in line. I got my chance after two guys. I couldn’t pay attention to their presentations. Because I was busy accumulating immense fear inside.

I opened my slide and the title was ” How to prevent suicide and blah blah blah…”.I started by saying Don’t worry guys this is just the title I will be suggesting some solutions for it. At first due to the built-up pressure words were not coming out properly. Later when I drove my eyes through people I noticed people smiling or kinda accepting my stuff. I got some confidence and from there the presentation was smooth. The thank you part was funny. I did some Japanese thank you bow. Actually, I was going for a dab. This seemed better. All of them liked it including Viji mam and I made them laugh. So I am really happy. But I need improvement in my eye contact. I was concentrated on Viji mam. The thing I avoided thinking people might get bored came up to be more important. Because I was telling common stuff and there was no weight in it. Some scientific background would have been nice. And I got Manan to record my presentation. When I watched it I finally understood how mallu I am. My pronunciations were purely mallu.


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