Life In The Army

I always had huge respect for soldiers. Not exactly because ,they are the last resort, but they had discipline and routine which i can only dream of. When viji told about The Lt.Colonel we are gonna meet the next day i couldn’t hold my excitement.

I planned every thing from morning and reached 5 minutes before the session. But i could only find three of us there, felt really sad. But he waited for no one and started right at 9:00 ‘o clock, that is what i love about them. He was steady as a wood , tucked in and you can see the discipline everywhere. I was listening to him as if i am worshiping, with little fear and respect. He explained about how they plan far ahead in order to stick to the routine with great examples. And how they respect women. If a Sipahi bring his wife to the mess (that is where they celebrate) even the highest ranked officer is entitled to salute her. Awesome no?!!!!.

They don’t have a great social life but they can represent India in front of a businessman or a president . Their span of knowledge amazed me . From science to table etiquette to what not. To conclude, my day went good just by meeting him . I even managed to shake his hand, Firm but subtle. I really felt honored to meet him because i worship guys who are disciplined well.


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