Finally met him. Our meeting time was 6:00 pm at CCD. I had to offer prayer so I was there just by 6. Arun and Birendra were already there. They had ordered some kind of coffees. I didn’t order anything, I hate things which taste bitter. Purely desi in that manner. We had our first introduction, He seemed very excited, describing his past IITM saga. I was literally awestruck by hearing his fees back then. It was only 300 and when they increased it to 900 they all went to strike and again reduced it to 600. Whaaaaaat!

The most exciting part was he was a Mallu hailing from Kannur, Thalipparamba which actually is very near to my native place. He asked us about our plan after graduation. I already had my answer ready but recently my father forwarded a message which was more suiting to my interest area. A job at UN mostly revolves around policy making and all. I love those kinds of things, Firstly I can roam around the world and secondly it’s good to help people.


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