Art of Firing

There is a lady who has been with the company for 5 years and currently she is performing poorly due to some family troubles and there is a new recruit who is excellent in his area. who will you fire ? . This was the question Viji asked in the classroom to find out what kind of emotional category we are in. The best argument i felt was to fire the new guy and keep the lady with family troubles. He explained it well by saying since the new guy was so brilliant in his field it is not a big problem for him to get a job. But to fire the lady will mostly cause an end to her career. Because we are kicking her when she is down. That is a very bad thing to do. On the other hand some people said they would fire the lady because keeping her would effect the productivity of the company.

But i would say you will loose productivity if you fire the lady. She has been with the company for almost 5 years.  She has a strong connection with all other employees you have. Her poor performance is caused by the family trouble, which is not exactly her fault. So if you fire her at such kind of reason all the other employees will loose the trust in the company. They feel no safety in such kind of company. Because if they can fire a senior employee for reason that is not her own then why would they stop  firing us for such reasons? . If an employee feel unsafe or vulnerable all the time he can no longer work with passion or affection. And this leads to low productivity. So i will say keep the lady at least till her family trouble is over. It will save both the lady and your company


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