This exercise was mainly to see the difference when we perform individually and in group. The task was to give preference order to things that you have (some 14 things i reckon) in a strand away at sea situation. The fun thing was the object that most of us ignored ( Mirror– I thought it was for combing your hair, Nope – at sea it is to give signals) turned out to be the most preferred thing in the entire list. However group effort reduces mistakes and gives best output. What i didn’t like in this group task was we had a very stubborn guy in our group who was not even listening to our valid points and finally we had to go by his preference.

But finally when we compared our responses with expert’s responses we were far behind from the real preferences. I think we gave more preference to food than security. It makes sense, staying hungry is far better than dying at once. Group work only progress if every body collaborate otherwise it is some guy’s opinion overall the rest of us are just showcases. Every body have to be open to each and every opinion , You reject or accept that is secondary, first you listen. And also in some cases to avoid tensions over differences just nod along.


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