Today Viji discussed about a very important lesson which our generation pay less attention to. After widespread of social media we ceased existing and have genuine opinions. The discussion or outcry spiral around “the viral” video. To perceive something we need to know all the angle around it. It won’t be glamorous from your side or true but when you move around it you will get the full picture and then only you should judge or make an opinion about it. I saw lot of people getting highly emotional or excited and right way shooting comments on some video which proved fake. To have a perspective is good but to know other perspectives and act accordingly make you great.

I think the video she chose was good but not proper. Because the guy in the same two contexts acted differently to make the point. A video which shows his purity just by showing the scenes behind,  not changing his act, would be better. Anyhow the arrogant , dishonest bad person came out as a good caring one when the second video finished. Many time these mob lynching and all happens i have always thought north India is bad place and i had tremendous amount of hatred reserved for them but after realizing there exists good and evil people everywhere i started to loosen up a little bit. Now i don’t have a problem to go to even Afghanistan ( by the way they have awesome food). If it is god’s will i will die there


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