A Peek Into Future

C slot was so boring and i almost exhausted my mood and attention before i stepped into DOMS. I think Viji sensed it . As soon as i entered the classroom she suggested that why don’t we go out somewhere calm and start writing about future. Actually we needed to place ourselves at some point in future and start writing about our past. Kinda connect the dots. For me the first part was quiet easy,  to place me at some glamorous position. I was in morocco sitting in a desert under watchful stars having Mandi(Arabian Dish), talking to elites about current affairs. By the way here we are talking about an IFS officer. That is what my dream is.

                                   The second part was taking all of my time. Connect the dots . The problem is, in my story i have only two dots IIT and IFS. In between its all blur. I really don’t want to think about it. Don’t want to put my hands in the way of destiny. If somebody asks me what do you want to do . Then i have thousands of answers but i am really uncomfortable about answering the question what all you will have done till you have reached point B in your life. Then my answer is simply “I don’t know”. I want to reach my goal and i know what to do to attain it. The only way i can tell how did i reach there is only after reaching that point in time.


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