Viji asked us to do something called “RBS” (Reflected Best Self). I have mastered in postponing things so didn’t submit it on due date. I had all the information needed but i had to talk to one more important person in my life “My Mom”. She is now in Saudi Arabia mostly in a spiritual world doing Hajj pilgrimage. So the phone calls were not regular. And almost all the time i missed her calls. I have a bad habit of not carrying around my mobile phone( I know it’s actually meant for that. But this is me).

I choose variety of people from different time period of my life. From JEE coaching to family to friends that i have now. This includes people who know me very nearly, people who know every dirty little secrets of my dark life and people who respect and adore me for the character i possess. I talked to 11 people including my father couldn’t talk to my Mom. I knew most of the things they told me. But some were real surprising. One of my friend told me you have good negotiating skills because you get extra egg from the mess guy. That really cracked me up. The most common thing i heard from most of my friends were i have good adaptability and i am humorous. And the thing i never noticed in me was, i was a very authentic straight forward person who don’t bullshit and don’t allow bullshitting.

Overall it was a very nice realization about me. But the scariest and the terrifying thing i noticed was the core of human behaviour “We always remember a person by his/her flaws or at least it is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about somebody”. When i asked my friends about my positive qualities it took a little bit of time for everybody to find out some. But they were eager to mention my negative¬† qualities without even asking it.


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