Tricks & Treats

Have you ever wondered what is the job(goal) that best fit you. Wonder no more find your Ikigai. That will be the sum total of your passion,mission,profession and vocation. Japanese are creative people no?. My Ikigai was right in front of me . I was neglecting it most of the time. Finding your Ikigai and sitting idol won’t do any good. if you want to move further you have to find your known and hidden strengths and make constructive habits that paves the way to your destiny. RBS helped me to find most of my positive qualities but to pry out more  needed Johari window. You will get your blind area unveiled.

Finding things are easy but applying it takes guts and hard work. And i am so bad at this. I was so excited to hear there are ways to set habits. Viji told about cue-routine-reward cycle. I really wanted to make a habit of working out but hated gym. So this was a great alternative to execute my plans. I decided to do 10 push ups and 10 crunches every time i take a leak. It worked out well for 4 to 5 days then i went home and Bamm everything vanished to thin air. I struggle with routines and can’t keep one. Most of the time i get bored . If at all i had a routine it was when i was in my high school . I never missed a day of football. It was the only reason i woke up every morning. I think i have to try more. who knows maybe one day i will be disciplined as an army person. I look at them with envy.


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