Close your eyes

Viji ( our faculty) told us to close our eyes and see the power of subconscious mind . I was really astonished to hear it can even change addictions (Don’t know how. She didn’t explain) . I closed my eyes and visualized some moments from a football match i was playing , couldn’t hold it for more seconds , opened my eyes as soon as i knew i am gonna sleep. Some moments were clear i couldn’t connect all the dots. It was flashes of moments . I can’t  say it’s a great accomplishment in my life. But it’s the one which filled my heart with joy and kinda gave me a gentle pat on my shoulder.  

This was after i spent three years in Hyderabad solving questions and not taking baths regularly. Physically i was weak . I couldn’t even dream about stamina. First day on the ground was horrible . Fall like a baby learning to walk, Couldn’t even take breath, my legs were shaking . With a weird smile i stood up . I used to play really well and i was a winger . Used to run up and down . It really wounded my pride. Next few days i gathered up my courage and gained little more stamina . Finally the day came which i saw  when i closed my eyes. Like everyday my face was gloomy but after playing a few seconds i kinda felt yeah i can play . I received the ball from the centre then quickly  dribbled the player who was near to me , took a turn , folded my legs ,struck the ball with all my strength. The ball knew where it has to go . It went right into the left corner with a boom . The goalkeeper couldn’t  even do anything. All were looking at me with such an astonishment i couldn’t hold my smile in. It was the best day after a long three year study break where i really enjoyed each moments after the back of the net shook.


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